Working Papers

N°57 : Highlights Of The Relations Between The Entrepreneur And The Banker In The Economic Thought: Between Convergences Of Interest And Strategic Divergences – Essay Of Analysis From The Work Of Cantillon, Bentham, Say, Schumpeter And Casson, by Sophie Boutillier 

N°56 : Climate change and creativity – How do cultures interfere with climate change?, Stéphane Callens.

N°55 : Domestic Use of Wood Energy in Africa: Reducing Health and Environmental Impacts, Marie-Noëlle Reboulet

N°54 : The Chinese system of eco-innovation: structures, actors, performance, Zeting Liu

N°53 Food systems, nutrition and health needs in Africa, Félicité TCHIBINDAT

N°52 Twenty years of innovation and the deployment of contemporary technological system, Smaïl AÏT-EL-HADJ

N°51 The dynamics of the territorial evolution. Entrepreneurs and territorial knowledge capital, Blandine LAPERCHE, Hélène PERRIN BOULONNE

N°50 Industrial and innovation policies for the development of environmental technologies in China, Zeting Liu

N°49 Inquiry on telework in Europe, Serge Le Roux

N°48 Big data, open data and valorization of data, Jean-Louis MONINO

N°47 Subsidies, markets, debt and fiscal federalism: What the European North owes to the European South,  Arvind ASHTA

N°46 Industrial ecology, territorial trajectory and governance: Lessons from the case of Dunkirk (North – France), Fédoua KASMI, Blandine LAPERCHE, Céline MERLIN BROGNIART, Antje BURMEISTER

N°45 From the salarial to the entrepreneurial society: A critical analysis, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N°44 New approaches to innovation and knowledge management: What articulation? what issues? what changes?,  Amel ATTOUR, Pierre BARBAROUX

N°43 Short supply chains and integrated territorial development: Territories of Mené, Seignaux and Rhone Median (France), Philippe SERIZIER

N°42 Silver economy and geront’innovations, Blandine LAPERCHE, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Faridah DJELLAL, Marc INGHAM, Fabienne PICARD, Sophie REBOUD, Corinne TANGUY, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N°41 Territorial innovation clusters in Russia: Origins of conceptualization and implementation problems, Guillem ACHERMANN

N°40 Does firm creation depend on local context? A focus on the neighbouring effects, Nadine LEVRATTO

N°39 Knowledge-capital formation and valorisation of French SMEs, Zeting LIU, Blandine LAPERCHE

N°38 Innovation systems from the South, technological transfer and leaning capabilities, Vanessa CASADELLA

N°37 An asyncronous history of the economics and ecology and to their « boatmen », Sophie BOUTILLIER , Patrick MATAGNE

N°36 ICT, sustainability and terriotrial strategy of sustainable cities: the EcoCities in France, Amel ATTOUR, Marc-Hubert DEPRET

N°35 The economy of functionality: historical perspective and empirical illustration, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Blandine LAPERCHE, Fabienne PICARD

N°34 Creative watch, an information watch oriented towards innovation, Stéphane GORIA

N°33 Mergers failure in the European defence technological and industrial base. The case of EADS / BAE systems, Pierre BARBAROUX, Blandine LAPERCHE

N°32 The consolidation of the territorial dimension of labour law, Serge LE ROUX

N°31 Entrepreneur-centered territorial development analysis and realities, Antonin MICHELET

N°30 Innovation in defence industries: a case study, Pierre BARBAROUX

N°29 The dividends of innovation, Marian WIELEZYNSKI

N°28 Towards an openness of innovation protection strategies? Delphine GALLAUD, Maximilen NAYARADOU

N°27 Information in the heart of strategic competitive intelligence, Jean-Louis MONINO

N°26 The parliamentary history of handicraft and small enterprises. Act 1 : The Le Chapelier Law (1791), Claude FOURNIER, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N°25 Sovreign wealth funds and and socially responsible investment, Irina PEAUCELLE

N°24 The development of ICT in and by the French local authorities: An analysis through the three interrelated dimensions of a digital territory, Amel ATTOUR.

N°23 French Policies for Innovation and the Position of the SME, Zeting LIU.

N°22 From markets uncertainty to business risk : the entrepreneur’s duty, Sophie BOUTILLIER, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N°21 R&D globalization of industrial groups: towards “reverse innovation”? The examples of General Electric and Renault, Blandine LAPERCH, Gilliane LEFEBVRE

N°20 Technological innovation: an anti-counterfeit stategy for luxury cosmetic enterprises. Accumulation versus valorization of the Knowledge capital,  Nejla YACOUB, Blandine LAPERCHE

N°19  Collaborative Web: New questions for labour and for the enterprise, Françoise AMOSSE

N°18 The criticity of the asymmetries’ management in the technology transfer process case study on the onera–sme strategy Florin PAUN Philippe RICHARD

N°17 Financialisation and global economic crisis: what impacts on the innovation strategy of industrial groups? Denis LANGLET, Blandine LAPERCHE, Gilliane LEFEBVRE

N°16 The commercialization of of public research in France and the issue of university, Blandine LAPERCHE, Dimitri UZUNIDIS

N°15 The social State in crisis and the change in the regulation of the protection of the Elderly, Alban GOGUEL d’ALLONDANS

N°14  The global responsibility of for-profit public services: towards a broader definition of corporate social responsibility, Céline MERLIN-BROGNIART, Marc-Hubert DEPRET

N°13 The status of employees in France. Stress, unemployment and precariousness, Denis LANGLET

N°12 From markets dictatorship to the new phase of the crisis, Denis LANGLET

N°11 The roles of intellectual property rights in the networked enterprise: the growing importance of coordination in innovation networks, Blandine LAPERCHE

<p”>N°10 Innovation and proximity. Enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovative milieus, Dimitri UZUNIDIS, Sophie BOUTILLIER

N°9 The substitution of market laws to esthetic criteria in the contemporary speculative art, Alban GOGUEL d’ALLONDANS

N°8 Clusters and networks as the foundations of innovation dynamics in the biopharmaceutical industry, Abdelillah HAMDOUCH, Marc Hubert DEPRET

N°7 Crisis, finance and industry, Denis LANGLET

N°6 A french ICT start-up idealtype: a work organization synthesis in a context of ruptures, Chrystelle GAUJARD

N°5 The (confusing) role of capital in speculative capitalism – U.S-style, James SAWYER

N°4 Modelling of the financing of innovative projects through venture capital from real options, Christian PONCET

N°3 Conceptualizing Innovation Clusters and Networks, Abdelillah HAMDOUCH

N°2 Guanxi and Business Environment in China: An Innovative Network as a Process of Knowledge-based Economy, Francis MUNIER

N°1 The Building of an Integrated Patent System in Europe : History and Stakes, Alfredo ILARDI and Blandine LAPERCHE