RNI offers to support events organized by its members

Type of support provided

 Depending on the event, support can take different forms

  • Communication support
  • Contacts with speakers
  • Session organization
  • Publication support
  • Financial support

Type of event supported

  • National or international conference with call for papers
  • National or international conference with call for papers
  • Shorter seminar (maximum half-day) (presentation of an issue of a journal supported by RRI “Tuesday of Innovation”)
  • Other at members’ request

Two application sessions are organized each year

  1. First session: applications due October 15, year N for events organized between November of year N and March of year N+1.
  2. Second session: applications due March 15, year N for events organized between April of year N and October of year N.


  • For short seminars such as “Innovation Tuesday”, sponsors must be at least individual members of RRI.
  • For other events, team or laboratory membership is required
  • A member of the RRI office joins the organizing team in coordinating the event.
  • Financial support ranges from 500 to 2,000 euros, depending on the type of event


Support for publications : Please click on the links below according to the journal or book in question to obtain the necessary information.

To request support, please fill in the form below

    Type d’évènement organisé

    Type de soutien demandé

    if you are requesting financial support, please indicate the amount requested (provide a budget as an attachment)

    Which publication are you targeting ?
    *Reviews (in all cases, provide a call for articles to be submitted to the editorial board of the journal concerned)

    Innovations, Revue d'économie et de management de l'innovationJournal of Innovation Economics and ManagementMarché et organisationsTechnologie et InnovationScience Technologie Développement

    *Books (in all cases, provide a synopsis of the work)

    Complete dossier in a single file: Presentation of the event (1 to 3 pages) (detailed theme, composition of the organizing and scientific committee (if any), budget, call for papers, date(s) and location). (fichier word max. size 5MB)