RNI Seminars 2013-2014

The recovery from crisis passes through innovation which can give a new life to companies, territories and economy as a whole. The topic of the 2013-2014 seminar cycle of Research Network on Innovation is: “Smart innovation. Analyzing, anticipating and acting for a sustainable growth” (9 seminars). This topic was chosen under the consideration that individual, firm and institution are players who can through their behaviours, strategies and policies change business models by directing innovation towards new practices, organizations, and activities with a view to sustainable growth.

Fab Labs as new forms of creativity involving innovative entrepreneurship, consumers and the reducing the environmental impact of industry.

Topic 1: Fab lab: towards new business models?

Speakers : Laure Morel and Emmanuel Gilloz

Topic 2: Fab labs : le néo-artisan ou le renouveau de l’entrepreneur selon Jean-Baptiste Say
Speaker: Serge Le Roux

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Contact: Fabienne Picard

The world in transition facing the global finance. Under which conditions can public innovation policies influence firms’ strategies to integrate environmental issues?

Debates animated by Jean Marc Touzard and Dimitri Uzunidis

Contact: Jean Marc Touzard


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How to promote a win-win transfer of knowledge and technologies between industrial countries and developing countries (in the areas of health, environment, and education)?

Topic 1: Innovation Systems of the South, Technology Transfer and Learning Capacity
Speaker: Vanessa Casadella

Topic 2: Foreign Direct Investment and Absorptive Capacity of Maghreb Countries
Speakers: Sonia Ben Sliman, Messaoud Zouikri

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Contact: Nadine Levratto


Welcome speech: Dimitri Uzunidis, President, Research Network on Innovation (RNI)

La ville entrepreneuriale durable, Sophie Boutillier, Dimitri Uzunidis, ULCO-UNIVERSITÉ LILLE NORD DE FRANCE

L’Entrepreneuriat durable : quel modèle d’émergence pour les start-up dans les éco-industries. Une étude de cas dans le secteur des déchets, Stéphanie Petzold, KEDGE BS – Bordeaux

Le classement européen des villes entrepreneuriales ECER, Nadine Levratto, RRI, CNRS, Université Paris Nanterre

Ville entrepreneuriale : attractivité et accompagnement, Laurice Alexandre-Leclair, RRI, Université Paris Descartes

L’entrepreneuriat éco-innovant & dynamique du territoire : i-Trans / i-Fret: Catalyseur(s) d’innovation, Anna Melsen, Plateforme d’innovation i-Fret

L’écologie industrielle et territoriale : Principes, enjeux, bilan et perspectives, Sabrina Brullot, ICD – CREIDD – UMR 6281 CNRS, Université de technologie de Troyes

La recherche de l’Institut CDC sur le thème des « circuits courts », Philippe Serizier, Institut CDC pour la Recherche

Écologie industrielle et renouvellement du tissu économique local, Antje Burmeister (Ifsttar-SPLOTT), Blandine Laperche (CLERSE – ULCO), Céline Merlin (CLERSE – Lille 1)

Réseau Ecopal : exemplede la mise en application de l’écologie industrielle en Nord-Pas de Calais, Peggy Ricart, Ecopal

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Contact: Sophie Boutillier

In which case can environmental constraint (protection, preservation and enhancement of the environment) benefit normal operation of firm, or what new business models?

Topic 1: Impetus and Dynamic of Environmental Innovation of Firms
Speakers: Marie Ferru (CRIEF, Université de Poitiers), Adeline Alonso-Ugaglia (Bordeaux Sciences Agro) et Benjamin Guimond (CRIEF, Université de Poitiers)

Topic 2: Innovation and Adaptation to Climate Change: the case of Vine and Wine
Speaker: Jean-Marc Touzard (INRA, CIRAD, Montpellier)

Topic 3: Policies for Green Growth in Poitou-Charentes
Speaker: Anne-Marie Crétieneau (CRIEF, Université de Poitiers)

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Contacts: Marc-Hubert Depret, Corinne Tanguy, Fabienne Picard

RNI Innovation Day

What are the innovations that can generate economic and social changes? How do firms change their behaviors to adapt to changes?

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Contact: Sophie Boutillier



Summer School 2014

This inaugural round table brings together companies and researchers to exchange their views on the business strategies to promote innovation while respecting the environment


Contacts: Blandine Laperche, Anjte Burmeister, Céline Merlin




Entrepreneurial city, sustainable city: stakes and perspectives

More information: the program of the Summer School

Contacts: Blandine Laperche, Delphine Gallaud


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