Innovation Show 2013

Global Challenges of Sustainable Growth: Energy, Food, Natural Resources

Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, Paris
December 2013 at 2.00pm

In this new century, the world economy is plural entropy. The consequences of the explosion of the financial “pressure cooker” in 2008 have not yet finished producing their effects. First, on the financial front, since it is the States, therefore the taxpayers, who have to absorb the debts of banks and traders, whence the economic slowdown, the rising unemployment and job insecurity. Inequality is widening in the North as in the South. The green growth that many people once have called for became yellow. In Warsaw, governments from the world could not reach an agreement on the measures to curb global warming. Wars multiply in the South while in the North will firms bend on themselves?

Yet the world has never been so full of scientific, technical, philosophical and political ideas, knowledge and know-how. So how to build the foundations of a real sustainable growth?


Discussion led by Jean Marc Touzard and Dimitri Uzunidis

With: Benoit Daviron, Florence Duhamel, Alain Dunoyer, Denis Langlet, Bernadette Madeuf, Jacques Mazier, Dominique Plihon


Topic 1: The financial pressure cooker: Little precis of the socio-economic breakdown (2009-2013)
Speakers: Florence Duhamel, Alain Dunoyer

Topic 2: Financial regulation and restructuring of the international monetary system

Speakers: Jacques Mazier, Dominique Plihon

Topic 3: Globalisation and sustainable development
Speaker: Denis Langlet

Topic 4: Food crisis, financial crisis and regulatory perspectives

Speaker: Benoit Daviron


And: Presentation of the new issue (n°19) of the journal Market & Organizations on The Global Finance


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