Permanent seminar “Innovation”, 20 May 2016

« Piloting Innovation »

20 May 2016, 13h30-16h, IUT – Montpellier

Co-organized by MRM-Innovation et stratégie, UMR Innovation, UMR MOISA, Labex Entreprendre (SINOV), and Research Network on Innovation

The third edition of the permanent seminar on innovation, in collaboration with laboratories in the Montpellier hub: MRM (axe Innovation et groupe Stratégie), l’UMR Innovation, l’UMR MOISA, et le LabEx, in conjunction with the Research Network on Innovation (under the framework of the decentralized seminars of RNI), in on the steering of innovations. The scientific community questions the capacity of the actors to drive innovation. We can think of pilotage when innovation is born within organizations (large firms, SMEs, farms). The question then concerns the organizational models and characteristics underlying the process of innovation development: ambidexterity, absorptive capacity and learning capacity, open models … and on the role of the key actors through which the innovation process takes place (initiators, translators, enrollers …) and their interactions at different stages of the emergence and diffusion of innovations. When innovation responds to complex community problems and results from multi-stakeholder processes, or is a particular type of innovation (e.g. social innovation), piloting may be illusory. The questioning then focuses on the networks of actors and their capacities to produce useful knowledge for action and mobilize resources, the processes of coordination between actors in particular the intermediation functions performed by an actor or various actors.

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Antoine Pierre and Anne-Sophie Fernandez: Le management de l’innovation en PME : quels enjeux ?

Anne-Sophie Fernandez: Innovation entre concurrents : enjeux stratégiques et opérationnels

K. Gauche and L.Temri: Les dispositifs de pilotage de l’innovation : étude et compréhension au travers du cas d’un incubateur spécialisé

G. Faure: Réflexion stratégique et outils à destination de la recherche pour l’accompagnement de l’innovation multi-acteurs