Permanent seminar “ADU”, 13 March 2017

« Foods Issues and Challenges in Africa »

Monday 13 March 2017

Centre Culturel L’Harmattan-Arts et Culture
24 Rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris

The current uncertainties created by demographic transitions, increasing global inequalities, resource depletion, instabilities linked to climate change and international markets challenge the capacity of African agriculture to address the challenges of sustainable food. The first issue that polarizes global agricultural food policies is the capacity to increase production quantitatively. The second challenge refers to the ability to meet the needs of nutritional and health security to satisfy a healthy and active life. The third issue refers to the conditions of access to existing food resources that reflect the questions of social inequalities (territorial, gender …). Finally, the fourth issue is the resilience of food systems to exogenous shocks.

How can existing knowledge bases on food crises, on trends in African food markets, on contextual situations or changing nutritional security needs complement each other to give an insight into the future of food policies? How can this knowledge turn the current technological trajectories to a lever of economic and social development?

The speakers are invited to give a 40-minute conference following by an hour of debates. The conferences will be filmed and be accessed freely on the website of L’Harmattan. The papers can be eventually published in a special issue of the journal Market and Organizations.

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