Maghreb Innovation

As part of the development of the RNI at the international level, the Maghreb Innovation program, aims to enhance the development of cooperation and scientific exchange in the areas of the industrial economy and innovation between Maghreb and European countries.

The mission of Maghreb Innovation is to develop research in the field of innovation applied to the industrial economy, sustainable development, economic development, regional economics and public policy. These areas represent interesting exploration fields and prospects of future development for the region.

The Maghreb Innovation program is broken down into four main actions:

  1. Development of exchanges between the scientific communities of the two sides of the Mediterranean region (collaboration, co-publication, co-supervision of thesis).
  2. Participation in scientific events: Summer schools, Seminars and thematic Workshops, symposia.
  3. North-South collaborations projects in response to Europeans calls for programs.
  4. Advice and expertise provided to public and private agents (studies, reports).

Main actions initiated in 2015:

  • Edition of a special issue of the magazine “Marché et Organisations”, devoted to « Innovation in the Mediterranean: Challenges and Prospects ».
  • Organization of a special track for the RNI Summer School 2015 in Creil-France, on « Innovation in Maghreb ».


For further information please contact:

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