Innovations in organizational structure and collective action in territorialized sectors

SCOOP Seminar – Seminar on Cooperatives and Social and Solidarity Economy in Agricultural and Agri-food Sectors

  • Date: June 25, 2024
  • Time: 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Location: Institut Agro, 2 place Viala, Montpellier
  • Room: 101, Building 11
  • Mode: Hybrid


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The UMR MoISA, UMR CESAER, and the “Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems” program of the Research Network on Innovation are collaborating to propose this seminar, with financial support from the FILTER project (“Territorial supply chains as vectors of agroecological practices”) led by the CIVAM network and funded by the Ecophyto 2 plan.


  • Thomas Coisnon (Institut Agro, INRAE, SMART), Anne Musson (ESSCA School of Management, SMART), Damien Rousselière (Institut Agro, INRAE, SMART), François Viaud (ESSCA School of Management): Development and Institutionalization of a Local Agricultural Supply Chain: The Case of the Nantaise Cow
  • Alice Gillerot (Vetagro Sup – UMR Territoires) and Etienne Polge (INRAE – UMR Territoires): Roles of Collectives Supporting Territorialized Supply Chains in the Agroecological Transition. An Analysis of the Trajectories and Coordination Modalities of Agricultural and Hybrid Collectives
  • Denis Lépicier (Institut Agro Dijon, UMR CESAER), Myriam Kessari (CIHEAM-IAMM, UMR MOISA), Corinne Tanguy (Institut Agro Dijon, UMR CESAER): The Role of Labels and Certifications in the Structuring Process of Territorial Supply Chains

Presentation of the Seminar

The seminar “Innovations in organizational structure and collective action in territorialized sectors” is organized by the UMR MoISA, UMR CESAER, and the “Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems” program of the Research Network on Innovation. The SCOOP research seminars have been organized since 2022 by the UMR MoISA, aiming to develop a better understanding of Social and Solidarity Economy organizations such as associations or cooperatives, which are very present in agri-food systems. The objective of this seminar is to deepen the knowledge of forms of collective action in the context of territorial initiatives aimed at linking actors for the production, processing, and marketing of agricultural and food products at a local scale. By linking different actors within a territory, these territorialized supply chain approaches seem to address local coordination challenges between actors and the transition to agroecological production models. Beyond the necessarily collective forms that these supply chains take, it is important to question what can promote or hinder these cooperations. Three presentations will address these questions at different territorial scales, invoking several types of collective territorial innovation. The seminar is interdisciplinary, open to economists, managers, sociologists, geographers, to encourage a broad reflection on social inclusion (Food Security) and sustainability of agri-food production systems.


Free but mandatory registration before June 20, 2024


Myriam Kessari (CIHEAM-IAMM, UMR MoISA): Louis-Antoine Saiset (Institut Agro, UMR MoISA): Leïla Temri (Institut Agro, UMR MoISA): Corinne Tanguy (Institut Agro, UMR CESAER):