Membre d’honneur RRI

Daniele Archibugi

Daniele Archibugiis a Research Director at the Italian National Research Council (CNR-IRPPS) in Rome, and Professor of Innovation, Governance and Public Policy at the University of London, Birkbeck College. He works on the economics and policy of science, technology, and innovation and on the political theory of international relations. He has taken his D.Phil at the Universities of Sussex, where he has worked with Chris Freeman and Keith Pavitt. He has worked at the Universities of Cambridge, London School of Economics, Harvard, and Rome LUISS. In 2006 he was appointed honorary professor at Sussex University. He has chaired the European Commission’s Expert Group on “A Wide Opening of the European Research Area to the World”, a member of the Expert Group of the European Commission “Global Europe 2030/2050” and the Coordinator of the European Commission’s Report on The Contribution of the European Commission to Responsible Research and Innovation (Brussels, 2015).

Besides several edited books and articles in academic journals, he has authored The Technological Specialization of Advanced Countries (with Mario Pianta, Kluwer, 1992) and Innovation and Economic Crisis: Lessons and Prospects from the Economic Downturn (with Andrea Filippetti, Routledge, 2011). He has co-edited several volumes on science, technology and innovation policy including, with Bengt-Åke Lundval, The Globalizing Learning Economy (Oxford, 2001). His latest edited book is, with Andrea Filippetti, The Handbook of Global Science, Technology and Innovation (Oxford, 2015).